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Recruitment and Selection Strategies †Landslide Limousines Essay

Hello again, Mr. Stonefield. Traci Goldman has requested I give you some final recommendations for recruitment and selection strategies for Landslide Limousines. The following recommendations will be based on the organizational goals for your company, forecasting demographic changes, projecting workforce needs, diversity objectives, branding for Landslide Limousines, recruiting and screening methods, and methods for selecting candidates for open positions. We will cover each subject matter so you are aware of the proper assessment of new employees and how to successfully create a team of employees that will lead Landslide Limousines to a successful future in providing a great service to its clients. Organizational Goals As the owner of Landslide Limousines, the organizational goals you have developed for the company, reflect your individual goals for success. The first year of operation, it is your goal to have a -5% growth and -$50,000 profit. Innovation will help you introduce new ideas to the company that will help your business grow in productivity. This will help you reach your goal of 5% revenue growth in the following two years. As a limousine company, we recommend you focus on your physical and financial resources. Keep in mind you will need to maintain all of your limousines to keep them in good working condition for your clients. You will also need to maintain all registration and insurance policies for the equipment. The maintenance of the vehicles must be followed for the long term. This will ensure increased cash flows. We also recommend performance and development training for managers as it is a key to organizational success. In addition, the most important asset for Landslide Limousi nes is the employees. We recommend all employees are involved in having performance goals. We also  suggest Landslide Limousines considers gaining legitimacy in the public eye by taking on some social responsibility. Landslide Limousines, later, may consider local community volunteer efforts (reyerson, n.d). Forecasting Demographic Changes Populations grow because of fertility, mortality and migration that are influenced by external factors. Projection models of population are used as evidence on births, deaths and migrant flows to give estimates of the makeup of future populations based combined impact of natural change and migration. Demographic forecasting is important because changes are a key issue for the future. The change in size of populations is a matter of concern for businesses and society in general because of the number of people to hire for a given position. Using modelling methods to evaluate population outcomes, which result from demographic trends and policy initiatives, should reinforce all national, regional and local decision-making ideas. Demographic aging is described as the low levels of fertility, and continuous improvements in life expectancy that are a concern for ageing residents at a unique rate. 2010 showed a climax as the first of the baby boomers born between 1945 and 1970 turned 65. The next 21 years, will show more people move into old age while the effects for health care, wealth sharing, pension provision, housing, transport and employment will become increasingly critical (Edge Analytics, 2014). Analysis of Projected Workforce The analysis of workforce data is a key element in the planning process of your workforce. The workforce analysis takes information into consideration such as skills, occupations, experience, eligibility, diversity, education, and turnover rates. We recommend Landslide Limousines consider the following four steps to workforce analysis phase planning. Supply analysis is the first step of the projected workforce analysis process. It focusses on a company’s existing and future workforce supply. This step analysis the question â€Å"What is the existing profile of the current workforce, and what does it need to be in the future to accomplish the agency’s goals and objectives?† (Keel, CPA, 2006). We recommend Landslide Limousines involve creating workforce profiles, review the trend data and  project future workforce supply. Also, create a future workforce profile that will help project the future supply of the workforce. Demand analysis is the second step of the workforce analysis process. It will identify the future workforce needed to carry out the Landslide Limousine mission. The focus is for the company has to perform for the employees that need to carry out the job tasks assigned. Most of the information needed for this step can be obtained from step one of the process. Next step is the gap analysis, which involves comparing the workforce supply projection for the second step and answering the following questions Gap analysis involves comparing the workforce What new skills with the company need to accomplish goals and objectives? Does the company currently have employees with the needed skills? What functions or skills for the jobs are no longer needed? Landslide Limousines can establish workforce strategies from the results of the answers. The last step in workforce analysis involves the development of strategies that will cover the future gaps and surpluses. Strategies will include programs, policies, and practices that will assist in recruiting, developing, and retaining the needed staff and achieve the mission and strategic goals in addition to dealing with the workers that may no longer be needed (Keel, CPA, 2006). Workforce Diversity Objectives The key to successfully building a diverse, high quality workforce begins with strong leadership, and knowledge of the state of Landslide Limousines. Additionally, experience has established that successful diversity initiatives depend on first positioning the business with three main steps in diversity objectives. We recommend Landslide Limousines ensure a strong commitment to a diversity program, as it is essential for the company. This commitment is the foundation to success in building and maintaining a diverse workforce. Landslide Limousines will need to take action and guarantee the staff is available for the program. As recommend, Landslide  Limousines must create an environment of inclusion and value, clearly assign resources to diverse activities, managers must be directly involved in planning, and consider training employee in intercultural communications to address differences in communication across cultures. It is important for Landslide Limousines to have a realistic picture of moving forward in the diversity process, this will include the basis of current demographics and the cultural atmosphere that exists in Austin, Texas. You will need a clear understanding of the demographic situation, and this is accomplished by developing a workforce profile as explained earlier. Annual workforce reports are a good source of data concerning the current workforce. This will create a clear picture of the current diversity status. Finally, the above information will need integrated into an existing workforce-planning model. This can be used to target future opportunities for recruitment, hiring, and retention of skilled employees. Organizational Branding Branding is the outward expression projected by the business. The brand for Landslide Limousines will be the product of the corporate strategy, mission, image, and the activities of the business. The brand is distinguished from all competitors, and positions the company in the minds of the clients and employees by creating a perception of what Landslide Limousines stands for as a business. Landslide Limousines will benefit from developing a brand with a strategy that will reflect throughout all of the communications from the company. There should be detailed discussions as to what the branding should entail, and should consist of working within a company to determine an image that will reflect the predetermined look of Landslide Limousines. The design of the organization’s branding should reflect on all business cards, brochures, publications, and websites. It also should be included in all business communications that come from the business. A branding strategy will create a guide for Landslide Limousines that is followed to achieve an organized look for the company (Matrrix AMC, n.d.). Methods for Recruiting Candidates Landslide Limousines is committed to finding the right employees for the positions available. There have been increased popularity in finding the right employees by using social recruiting, and employee screening and  background checks. We recommend you study the following pros and cons of each method, so you are able to choose the best method for your company. Social recruiting is becoming the primary focus of most recruiter and staffing firms. The strategies promote transparencies and two-way communication with you and the potential employees. Some pros of this method are It will help position your brand by targeting workers more vigorously that a basic job board posting It increases the response rate from candidates Allows research on publically posted information of the candidates. Some cons of this method are This method can tarnish the reputation of Landslide Limousines It is only good if the company puts effort into the research Is more susceptible than traditional techniques to favoring or excluding candidates based on characteristics such as race or religion. The concluding method may be more beneficial for Landslide Limousines. Background checks for potential candidates will show criminal history and work records that include past and present employment, performance, attendance, and reasons they left their past jobs. Background checks can also include drug or alcohol testing, fingerprint investigations, and credit scores. Some pros of this method are It helps identify problematic behaviors It helps reduce employee turnover rates It reduces employee theft costs It protects employers against discrimination lawsuits Some cons of this method are May give candidates the impression that Landslide Limousines is controlling May be taken as an invasion of privacy Can be expensive concerning time and money Must be conducted responsibly or fines are incurred for mishandling personal data (Fox, 2014). Methods for Screening Candidates Employee screening begins as soon as you receive an application from a perspective employee. The screening process for interviews has four steps to the screening process. The first process is phone screening. We recommend  Landslide Limousines create a list of open-ended questions for the specific position. A variety of competencies and experience should be mentioned to determine whether the applicant is a potential fit. Next, the in person interview. You will have the opportunity to be more in-depth with the questioning. An in person interview should last at least 45 minutes and should include the hiring manager from your company and one other person. A follow up interview is important for candidates that seem the most interested in working for Landslide Limousines. Finally, review the background check for the candidate. Background checks and references can provide insight on the best way to manage the perspective employee (The NonProfit Times, 2013). Tips to help pre-employment testing will deliver a desired outcome for Landslide Limousines, which is also legally defensible. You must make sure you choose the right test and certify validity and reliability, ensure the test meets all EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) laws, conduct through research if buying a test from an outside company, avoid test questions that are too personal or that can be considered offensive, and do not relay specifically on the test results (Quast, 2011). Considerations for the process of employee hiring are very important. When choosing your newest employee, Landslide Limousines should avoid illegal discrimination to protect all applicants. You should respect the applicants privacy rights, avoid making promises you can not keep, follow all legal rules for hiring immigrants, and follow legal rules for hiring workers younger than 18 years of age due to child labor laws. Methods for Selecting Candidates We suggest Landslide Limousines schedule interviews when you are sure to have uninterrupted time to review the resume and conduct an insightful interview. While conducting the interview, do not focus on the credentials or experience of the candidate. Focus on the hypothetical scenarios that the candidate explains when asked how they would solve presented problems. The interviewer at Landslide Limousines should listen to the answers without interruption and take notes on key points. Once the interview in completed, use the interview notes and compare each interviewee with the resume and look closely to find if there is information that has been missed while reading the resume during the initial process. The candidate selection process should be based on how he or she competently answered the questions asks and what questions they asked during the interview. Most likely, the interviewees that do not ask questions are either too shy, or are uninterested in you company (Richason IV, 2014). Conclusion There are several methods and ideas to consider when developing a recruitment and selection strategy for your company. Not only is the interview process an important step in the process but also, Landslide Limousines must consider organizational branding and the diversity objectives for the business. As described, there are several methods to consider as well. I trust you will find the information provided to help you in your hiring process. Here at Atwood and Allen Consulting, we want Landslide Limousines to be as successful as possible with all of the processes you choose in opening your new business. Good luck to you Mr. Stonefield, please contact us if you require our services in the future. References Edge Analytics. (2014). Demographic Forecasting. Retrieved from Fox, S. (2014). Recruiting Trends: 4 Methods for Finding the Right Talent. Retrieved from Keel, CPA, J. (2006, February). Workforce Planning Guide. Retrieved from Matrrix AMC. (n.d.). Organizational Branding. Retrieved from Moulesong, B. (2011, June). Building a diverse workforce starts with an objective, accurate analysis of the status quo. Retrieved from Parekh, N. (2009, August). Top 5 Considerations When Hiring Employees. Retrieved from Quast, L. (2011, September). Pre-Employment Testing: A Helpful Way For Companies To Screen Applicants. Retrieved from Richason IV, O. E. (2014). Methods of Recruitment & Selection. Retrieved from The NonProfit Times. (2013, June). 5 Ways To Screen Job Candidates. Retrieved from reyerson. (n.d). Organizational Goals. Retrieved from

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Recount Mother’s Day

Yesterday was indeed a very busy and special day for our family. It has been a family tradition to celebrate Mother’s day with the entire family and with each one of us excitedly prepared with a gift and a letter for our Mum. Dad led the different activities lined up for the day. Everyone actively participated and contributed, which made the celebration truly meaningful and memorable. We made sure we have shown our love, appreciation and gratefulness to the one woman who painstakingly brought us in this world and nurtured us with unconditional love, guidance, and undying support. Mum was still asleep when we scattered our gifts and letters cut out in different colours, shapes, and sizes by her bedside early in the morning. We then prepared breakfast consisted of steamed rice, fried eggs and sauteed tuna and bread. We squeezed fresh oranges to give her the freshest and healthiest breakfast just the way she does every day for all of us. We capped her breakfast delight with beautifully assembled fresh strawberry with classic yoghurt, her favourite dessert. When Mum woke up, she was greeted with a kiss from Dad and a happy mother’s day hug. Mom read the letters and opened the presents. There was a big grin on her face when she opened my little brother’s gifts which are chocolate balls from the baptism party we went the night before. Same with my little sister who gifted Mum with the baby in a cradle also from the baptism party but both gifts were artistically wrapped in their personally cut out big hearts giving it their personal touch. My sister and I bought Mum a heart pendant. Dad treated Mum to a lunch at the Adelaide Casino after watching Pacquiao and Mosley fight there, while we children stayed at Urbanest, a cool students’ accommodation place across Adelaide Casino and baked macaroons there. We had early dinner with my Dad’s fellow Filipino scholars. After having dinner, we then went to church and headed home after. Mum thanked us with kisses for the wonderful break from her daily routine of unselfishly attending to all our needs first over hers. I reflected on the day’s event and truly believed it was proper to pay tribute to all the mothers around the world for everything that we are, it was especially so because of our Mums.

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X-ray Exposure Components Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

X-ray Exposure Components - Essay Example the electrons’ speed is given by kVp (kilovolt potential) which then determines the x-ray beam’s penetration, thus impacting the x-ray production’s efficiency, and determining the level of image contrast. The right kVp yields differential x-ray immersion of dense and soft anatomic structures. Increasing kVp results in an increase in the penetration of an x-ray beam. If kVp is set too low, the resultant image will be devoid of density leading to a sooty or a whitewashed appearance while in case of too high kVp, the resultant image will be too dark and over exposed. The kVp controls the electrons’ energy as they displace across the tube, or it may be said that kVp controls the electron’s speed. Therefore, the higher tube potential (kVp), the larger will be the affect of the electrons. Moreover, the greater the tube potential the greater will be the penetration. Thus, kVp monitors the beam quality by monitoring the x-ray beam energy (Gray et al., 1983) . The tube intensity and exposure time could be an unequalled exposure factor (mAs). The factor, â€Å"mAs† refers to the rate of electrons flow in a predetermined time. Where, mA refers to tube current while s denotes time in seconds. Thus the two exposure factors work in combination to control the quantity of electrons discharged at the cathode and afterward the quantity of x-rays developed at the anode. The milliampere seconds (mAs) ascertains the quantity of x-rays developed per unit time, while the quantity of x-rays arriving at the film ascertains the scale of film’s blackening. Both of these factors monitor and adjust the exposure factor’s quantitative character. These exposure factors determine and influence the quality and quantity of the x-ray beam (Hecker, & Garreau, 2012). Another important factor is the distance between the focus and detector that impacts the x-ray exposure. This relationship is quite simple as the nearer the x-ray tube is placed to the film the higher will be the intensity

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Venture Screening Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Venture Screening - Assignment Example It also requires the skills and ingenuity to search and manage resources, which are often owned by other people. In any way, entrepreneurship requires considerable thought, planning and preparation. To certain extent, the modern world with its highly dynamic and changing character of technology, markets and competition among them, plays into the hands to entrepreneurship. Thus far, there is a great exertion in trying to model and see the future, as while business plan of a certain venture is designed, it can simply become obsolete (Timmons, 1999). When an entrepreneur discovers the potential of a new venture, one should reply the question if the new venture idea is able to make money. A feasibility study will help to answer such question and to assist in changing one’s new venture idea into a successful business. Such feasibility study is a certain comprehensive plan, which consists of a systematic gathering, recording and analysis of information concerning the potential succe ss of a new venture idea. In other words, it is a process screening that is used to find out business opportunities. Business plan will be worked out on its basis. Such feasibility study includes the preliminary assessment, new venture concept, market assessment, analysis of cost- profit and plans for the future actions (Bates, 2003). A feasibility study of screening is aimed to help one to screen out the ideas that have limited opportunity and allow the entrepreneur to invest one’s time, money and efforts into ideas with a potential for success.   The phase of preliminary assessment evolves evaluation and choosing of the idea of new venture and potentially generates the desired level of outcome in the desired time period. During this period personal and professional considerations are assessed in order to evaluate the needs of one entrepreneur and financial feasibility of the business idea. Here the entrepreneur figures out whether he or she wants to start a

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Describe the legal and administrative framework of the federal Research Paper

Describe the legal and administrative framework of the federal procurement process - Research Paper Example The FAR is issued jointly by the Department of Defense (DoD), the General Services Administration (GSA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It applies not only to direct purchases made by the government, but also to purchases made by federal grant recipients. In other countries such as India, different procurement rules apply at the federal level, in the states and territories, to the central public sector units, and to public sector enterprises. Procurement is regulated through executive directives at the federal level. The Rules were revised in 2005 to afford greater flexibility while ensuring accountability in government transactions. Instructions were issued by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) to supplement these regulations. At the federal level, procurement is administered by the individual government agencies. India has not established an authority that is exclusively responsible for defining procurement policies and for overseeing compliance wi th the established procedures. In Australia, the Finance Minister issues Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines (CPG's). It outlines Australian federal procurement requirements. ... to be used for standing orders, which covers the procurement of several of the most commonly purchased assets including automobiles, fuel, office supplies and professional services. If the purchase surpass monetary values set for different categories, the PWGSC opens the procurement up to the bidding process. It advertises it on the Government Electronic Tendering Service. Federal procurement generally requires competitive bidding on contracts which exceed a certain monetary threshold. A request for proposal (RFP) is issued with specific guidelines. After which, the bids are submitted for review. The contract is usually given to the bidder, which can meet all of the essential specifications at the lowest price. Exemptions can occur in cases where only one source of supply exists, or when one supplier has proven to be far superior in performance to the others. Getting into the federal procurement system is hard. There are many who try. However, only the few who will persevere will be accepted. The settlements of being on the inside of federal procurement are continuous. One is that once you make it inside the system, you are inside for a long time. The government changes slowly and that includes vendors. Another reason is that the federal government’s checks do not bounce. And the biggest reason to grind it out for government procurement is that the government does nothing small. However, there is a need to understand how the government work as a profession has been sought after as a secure position where on does not get laid off, but does get an awesome retirement, and federal holidays. The downside is there is not much upward mobility, the environment does not like initiative or creativity, and the pay is typically lower than industry norms. Civil service workers

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Tuskegee syphilis experiment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Tuskegee syphilis experiment - Essay Example Search the internet for a site that you find useful and provide the link to your classmates. Along with the link, give a brief synopsis of why you chose this site (i.e., what it contains, why it's useful). One of the most important and highly useful websites in the field of immunology is It contains the information on activities of International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) related to the research and basic information on immunology. IUIS is the umbrella organization for many of the regional and national societies of immunology through out the world. This site is useful in providing information on organizing international cooperation on immunology, and in providing communication between immunology and its allied branches. It also helps in coordinating various societies of the world working in the area of immunology. 1. What was the Tuskegee Syphilis Study What was the original study aim What did the study end up being about How many people were enrolled How many were alive at the end What were the major ethical issues surrounding this study The Tuskegee syphilis study was a medical clin... The main aim of this study was to study the treatment, natural history, response and biological changes exhibited by patients suffering from syphilis disease with out intimating them the original reason of study. The patients were intentionally not given the treatment for curing syphilis. The study ended in 1972 after 40 years with the reporting of responses of patients suffering from syphilis. However it became controversial with the report of New York Times in 1972 regarding unethical issues and because of which the study was stopped. 600 black men (African American sharecroppers) were enrolled under this study out of which 400 people were suffering from syphilis and 200 people were free from syphilis. It was reported that only 74 of the test subjects survived, and others died and the disease was spread to their wives and children. The main ethical issues surrounding the study are as follows: (a) The patients were not given information on the original purpose of medical study and their consent was not taken. (b) There was a forceful non-treatment for syphilis even though pencillin was invented in 1940s which is very effective against syphilis. (c) The wives and children of black men were also affected, even then the truth was not disclosed. 2. What is the name of the virus that causes AIDS In relatively general terms, how does that virus cause AIDS The name of the virus causing AIDS is Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). It has 2 forms i.e. HIV1 and HIV2 out of which HIV1 is more virulent and pandemic strain of HIV. Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) is considered to be the origin of HIV. SIVcpz is the form SIV present in chimpanzee. It is reported that the

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A Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan - Essay Example In addition, the psychosocial transition model would also be effective approaches to helping students discern both their internal and external environments more carefully (Jones & Jones, 2010). The method of applying consequences can prove to be fair and consistent if only all the students are well aware of the consequences imposed for different types of misbehavior. In addition, I will demonstrate fairness in applying consequences by ensuring that each student faces the consequences of his or her actions without exceptions. Excluding some students from facing the consequences imposed introduces a measure of bias. Therefore, all the standards in applying consequences should be applicable to each student depending on his or her actions (Sayeski & Brown, 2014). When working with individual students in an effort to correct misbehavior, the first step I should take involves approaching the specific student and relating the specific misbehavior in a firm manner. I should also emphasize on the high expectations of proper behavior. In addition, I will stress on why it is wrong to indulge in bad behaviors. After clarifying the misbehavior, I would then impose a consequence. On the other hand, handling cultural differences in a classroom setting requires a proactive approach. As a teacher, I should introduce all my students to cultural diversity and help them appreciate diversity. I plan to help my students recognize and celebrate cultural diversity. In the case of learning ability differences, I plan to understand the potential so f each student and give more attention to those with learning challenges. When students with learning challenges receive the relevant support from the instructor, they are more likely to improve (Jones & Jones, 2010). When solving problems in the classroom, I will rely on the standard procedure that involves identifying the problem and gathering information about the

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Dr Pepper (one of the sodas) Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Dr Pepper (one of the sodas) - Research Paper Example These strategies are as follows;- The company has focused on advertising the product to the Hispanic community mostly since they are the primary consumers of carbonated soft drinks. They do so by sponsoring events for instance they sponsored 15TH annual Latin Grammy’s hence creating a good public image. It led to the increase of 23% sales in the following year. Dr. Pepper grew in different categories by leveraging its distribution agreement for third party brands such as Vita coconut water. In the first parts or quarter of the year after using this strategy, the volume of sales increased by 8% due to the new distribution strategy. The project is important in the sense that, it shows the creativity the producer of this project had in mind. In this Charles Alderton while working in an old corner store in Texas came up with the brilliant idea to start up this project. Therefore, the project is important in the sense that it explains the merits that one will get from being innovative. Marketing strategies is another important section of this project. The innovator of Dr. Pepper soft drink ensured that he has adequate marketing strategies to win customers loyalty in the industry. From the marketing strategies that Charles Alderton employed in marketing this product, one can be able to learn how to attract efficiently and retain clients in the business. Therefore, with the innovation techniques drawn from the project, I can be able to come up come up with other new more business ideas that will be a success in the marketing industry. Besides, through proper channel selection as well as good marketing strategies I have learned how one can win customer’s loyalty and at the same time retaining them to your

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LoE Project Rules Against Hersay Research Paper

LoE Project Rules Against Hersay - Research Paper Example It draws conclusions on the basis of observation made by others. This rule is completely against the direct evidence made by the persons in the case involved in the court. The rule negates the importance of the verdict of the person who is directly involved in the incident reported for claiming the rights in court. Instead, another person presents the facts from his own point of view that cannot be considered as authentic in most of the cases (Graham, 1982). The definition made by researchers for Hearsay is that an out-of-court statement that is used to prove the verdict inside the court. The word ‘out-of-court’ needs some explanation. It contains all the necessary explanations that are not directly part of the court proceedings. These are either the observations of verdicts of others. The rule of hearsay might be used by persons to provide evidence to save or enforce punishment against the real evidence. It may be used to manipulate the truth in the favor of the motives of the witness. He may tell the observation of some other person in a sugar-coated way that serves his own purpose or aim. It may be used in those cases in which the Declarant is either unavailable for presenting himself to the court or he is not confident enough to record his statements in front of the jury. In normal cases, the purpose of the witness is to provide his statements to help in solving the case under the oath. His statements are based on the direct evidence concluded from his experience, study, or observation. The witness is directly involved in the case. In case of Hearsay, the Declarant lies outside the court. His oath doesn’t have any role in the proceedings of the court. He just feeds his information to another person who plays the role of witness. The witness will present the information based on the feedback from Declarant. This feedback is based on the indirect observation on the part of the