Saturday, August 24, 2019

Dr Pepper (one of the sodas) Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Dr Pepper (one of the sodas) - Research Paper Example These strategies are as follows;- The company has focused on advertising the product to the Hispanic community mostly since they are the primary consumers of carbonated soft drinks. They do so by sponsoring events for instance they sponsored 15TH annual Latin Grammy’s hence creating a good public image. It led to the increase of 23% sales in the following year. Dr. Pepper grew in different categories by leveraging its distribution agreement for third party brands such as Vita coconut water. In the first parts or quarter of the year after using this strategy, the volume of sales increased by 8% due to the new distribution strategy. The project is important in the sense that, it shows the creativity the producer of this project had in mind. In this Charles Alderton while working in an old corner store in Texas came up with the brilliant idea to start up this project. Therefore, the project is important in the sense that it explains the merits that one will get from being innovative. Marketing strategies is another important section of this project. The innovator of Dr. Pepper soft drink ensured that he has adequate marketing strategies to win customers loyalty in the industry. From the marketing strategies that Charles Alderton employed in marketing this product, one can be able to learn how to attract efficiently and retain clients in the business. Therefore, with the innovation techniques drawn from the project, I can be able to come up come up with other new more business ideas that will be a success in the marketing industry. Besides, through proper channel selection as well as good marketing strategies I have learned how one can win customer’s loyalty and at the same time retaining them to your

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