Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Immigration As A Source Of Conflict In France Essay

Immigration As A Source Of Conflict In France - Essay Example With a huge proportion of the immigrants being unemployed, there is a rise in labor riots in France. This can be attributed to the competition for jobs between the North African immigrants with the local French laborers. This is because they are willing to work at lower wages due to their lack of skills. This has sparked up racism and ethnic violence between the French Nationals and the North African immigrants. The immigrants feel they are not accepted as being French and are stigmatized to go back to their country, as they do not belong in France. They are not given jobs due to their immigrant nature and end up doing work beneath them. The lack of employment has also sparked up social evils and increased the crime rates in the country. The governments of the day are forced to deport some of the illegal immigrants to avoid extreme political movements due to high unemployment rates among the immigrants. There are two key things that are depicted about immigration as a source of confl ict in contemporary France. Immigrants come along with their cultural practices, religion, and this when they interact with local nationals, conflict can arise in the attempt of either group trying to dominate the other. This makes integration of the immigrants with the local communities difficult and can result in animosities between the two. Immigration adds competition for resources in the country and, therefore, the government should provide enough job and investment opportunities so as to avoid socio-economic conflict and labor woes.

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