Thursday, November 21, 2019

W7 Case Study Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

W7 Case Study - Assignment Example Sometimes being honest is not what sells. In this case it is important and helpful to have a professional code of ethics. A code of ethics makes sure that marketers are keeping ethics in mind and the consumers are being protected. Anyone can make a claim about a product or service to make a sale but consumers need to know that the claims are true. Keeping true to a code of ethics allows marketers to make correct choices. An ethics officer has an important role in a corporation. An ethics officer is the mentor of the corporation. The ethics officer must mentor to show a good example. An ethics officer also takes on the role as the enforcer. The ethics officer must enforce the code of ethics. This role is important because anyone can tell others what to do and hope that they listen, unfortunately it does not always work this way and someone must be there to enforce. Finally, an ethics officer needs to be open and available to answer questions. There are necessary fundamental building blocks to ensure a good, comprehensive ethics program. The ethics program must be able to be used to educate employees. These building blocks include a way to show employees that honesty is vital. It is also important to let employees know that the corporation cares about problems and want to know what can be done to make a difference. As part of fundamental building blocks, employees need to be ensured that making the correct ethical decisions can improve their employee status. Online marketing opens a whole new world of marketing. With this, companies are able to target a new market. Targeting a new market means a new set of issues related to making ethical marketing decisions. These issues are surrounded around trust. When you cannot see things face to face, how can you trust that it is real and ethical? Other issues associated with online marketing include, targeting an unknown

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