Friday, September 13, 2019

Are We Too Dependent on the Computer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Are We Too Dependent on the Computer - Essay Example One of the major advantages of computers can be identified as its assistance to perform the data entry process quicker and accurate at the same time. Storing a document in a computer does not take much space being organized in a systematic manner and, thus, the user can store a large number of files avoiding chaos while searching for a particular one. It further helps the user to automate a variety of tasks that the user cannot perform manually at a rapid pace along with accuracy (Hefner 21-39). Importance of computers has also increased astonishingly in the present phenomenon owing to the usage of internet to convey information through a systematic way of computer networks irrespective of the geographical distance, as well as engaging minimal costs. Internet is further identified to be used by various professionals ranging from healthcare service providers to defense forces around the world operating in terms of an information hub which, in turn, encourages the usage of computers in various economic sectors. Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, have emerged as an inevitable trend in the modern phenomenon which again explores the significance or rather the inclusion of computers in the modern day human society. Along with accumulating the required information, one can even shop online, thereby increasing the role of computers in the day to day lifestyle (Hefner 21-39). Even robots are often regarded to have emerged as an inseparable part of the modern human society. It is in this context that robots can be identified to play a major role in contributing to the overall efficiency of medical sciences and even defense oriented sectors. Other than these sectors, the robots have further emerged as a vital player in the field of astronomy as well. From a generalized point of view, almost in every technology based sectors, such as household appliance manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, agricultural sectors, construction business proces ses, as well as communication segments, the inclusion of computers and robotics are evident. During the process or innovation, measurement or evaluation and even during the execution of developmental process, computer technology plays a vital role (Chen, Minodora and Gligorescu 49-52). This particular phenomenon often tends to exhibit a situation where critiques perceive that human society is increasingly becoming dependent on computers to execute its daily functions. Nowadays, the world is increasingly getting indulged with the use of computers; however, from an in-depth point of view, it can be examined that mankind is yet not completely dependent upon computers. In favor of this argument, it can be noted that there is a number of works that computers lack in performing as efficiently as human beings such as understanding the psychological framework of the human behavior in a particular individual through observation. As computers are currently indulged in most of the sectors, inc luding medical sciences, hospitality and educational departments among others, it can indeed be regarded as a very essential tool to encourage the progress of human society at large. However, for example, in the educational sector, where information and knowledge are required in abundance, studies are to be conducted by the

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