Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Employment Law Compliance Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Employment Law Compliance Plan - Essay Example Any form of business should follow the compliance laws that have been set specifically to regulate the way the customers and the clients are interacting with it (Fox, 2013). These laws are also important in stating categorically how employers ought to deal with their employees, their responsibilities and the duties that they should perform. Compliance laws are found both at the state level and in the lower levels and the businesses that are run in a given location should adhere to both. The rights of the employees are very important and the cries and pleas made to the government have made the laws to be followed stringently and the violators handled mercilessly. In the next part I will put across some of the laws that need to be considered in the handling of employees and that can lead to confrontations if not addressed well. This law states that all businesses that are formed must adhere to it. No employee should be shown any form of discrimination on the basis of his or her race, gender or color. This means that an employee that feels his rights were infringed into by the organization or the business that he is working for can forward his claim to the related authorities and a legal act taken against the employer. The three form the basis of many cases of discrimination and with their address it means that employees rights’ are safe guarded and hence improving the relations in the working environment. Abbreviated ADEA, this act states that the rights of an employee who is beyond forty years must be safe guarded. No employee should therefore be subjected to any form of discrimination whether physical or otherwise by virtue of his age. Those people who are seeking employment at their advanced ages are also amply covered by the act as it seeks a fair platform where all the people wanting to be employed can be given a chance to present their reasons why they should be employed. In many circumstances organizations

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