Friday, September 27, 2019

Facebook Growth, Challenges and Milestones Essay

Facebook Growth, Challenges and Milestones - Essay Example The Facebook quest to become the leading social interaction website and an essential business and personal networking tool for all who are connected is being hampered by massive challenges such as competition from rival firms, privacy issues, lawsuits as well as need to provide better interaction services while still maintaining its credibility.   After a detailed review of the article, the reader generates conclusive decisions that can be adopted by the company. The main purpose of the article is to expose the many challenges faced by Facebook in spite of there success. The author stipulates that, even though Facebook registrations have grown massively, there is no time for celebration due to the challenges faced by the firm and the milestone achievement expected by the executive arm of the corporation. The author illustrates how the recent changes in Facebook home pages have seriously devastated customers especially those who prefer limiting their friends and privacy. By collecting materials and information from the company’s executives and the general public as well as reviewing published work concerning the new WebPages, the author seeks to enlighten the general public about the shortfalls of Facebook as well as exposing the management inconsiderate view to customer’s complaints.

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