Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Statement of Educational Goals and Philosophy :: My Philosophy of Education

Statement of Educational Goals and Philosophy To begin my statement of educational goals and philosophy, I would like to address the issue of the nature of students. I think it is important to state that my choice in becoming an educator was mainly influenced by my love of children of all ages. I was also priviledged to have the influence of my Grandmother Yost for seven years of my life. She was a school teacher in a one room school house in McDowell County. In the short time I was able to be with her, she left impressions on my little girl mind that I will never forget. She believed in children, she believed in God and she believed in living life to its fullest. She passed away when I was seven, but not before she had a chance to impress on me that there was something in life I could give back and that something was myself. To me, teaching is the best way to give of myself. In addition, I chose this profession because I have a genuine interest in seeing all children succeed. I am a firm believer that there is a level of achievement that each child can reach that far out weighs even their highest expectations. I have confidence in the students and believe that there is potential in everyone of them. I believe it is my job as a future educator to go into the classroom with a fresh mind and approach each child as a â€Å"clean slate†. I believe each child should be given the opportunity to change and excel above any record or previous achievement levels. To me, knowledge is something this out there to be obtained everyday. I want my students to understand that each day they enter the classroom there is something to learn, to be understood and more to know. The joy of education is understanding there is someone there to teach me something I didn’t know when I arrived. Knowledge is not a resting place, it is like a rung on a ladder, not meant to rest upon, but rather, there to place one foot higher. Knowledge is also obtained and increased within their life outside of the classroom.

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